It’s nearly time for our annual pancake party!

This year it falls slightly later on 05/03/18, but that just gives us more time to plan our favourite day of the year!

As with the last few years there will be sweet, savoury, gluten free and vegan options flying around all day, but read on to find out about the big changes we have in store for Pancake Day 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 10.38.09.png


The cafe and kitchen will be open until 8pm!!! So if you’ve missed out previous years due to work commitments, we’ll still be here for you for post work pancake chill out.

As always the day time will be walk ins only on a first come, first served basis. In the evening we will be taking bookings! Hit the button below to book a table.

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Pancakes & Prosecco?! P’YES PLEASE! Our close friends at elm will be hooking us up with fizz, beer and some natural wine to wash down your pancakes!

Perhaps most importantly we’ll be slinging espresso martinis! Made with the same attention to detail you can expect from any of our coffee.

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As always, we’ll be making the best of whats available seasonally (in amongst a load of maple syrup and bacon, obviously)

There will, of course, be gluten free and vegan friendly options.

Click below to see the menu!