to Jul 22


This month's natural wine weekend is all about combatting this ridiculous July and it's scorching heat. There will be plenty of sparklings (orange & rosé), sweet skin contacts, and light juicy reds in the chiller.

We've been using a pizza oven in the kitchen to bake our galettes and toast your bread and bagels... but we thought why not put it to it's fill potential and throw some fresh dough in there with some top notch toppings! We'll announce the menu soon, but you all had some great (and some frankly mad) suggestions on our instagram poll.

Pizza and wine will be served Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 10pm. There will be no reservations, but pizza will be available sit in and takeaway. 

We're crossing our fingers that the landlord will have the courtyard clear too, so you can wile away a warm July evening in the fresh air with a slice in one hand and a glass in the other. Bliss.

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